5 Frequently Asked Questions Carriers Ask Brokerages

Sep 8, 2021 | Carriers

Carriers often ask many of the same questions, including questions about tracking apps, rate fluctuations, and more. Here are some answers to 5 of the most frequently asked questions we get!

1) Brokers see my tracking. Why do they still call?

Tracking often lags behind, and speaking to the carrier gives the broker insight (ie: any breakdowns, traffic delays, driver is sick, etc.).

Also, if the carrier has set the app to track “Only While Using” the app, there will be no tracking updates, which will cause the broker to call more frequently for updates.  To avoid extra calls, be sure to keep the app set to track “Always.” Then, end the track when the load is complete.

2) Why do I have to download all these tracking apps?

Tracking apps can electronically connect the movement of a load to the customer’s (shipper’s) system.  It’s referred to as the “Amazon Effect” where everyone wants to know where their stuff is at all times. 

Shippers require this type of tracking to continue to offer their loads to carriers/brokers.  Lack of proper tracking will reduce load volumes from that shipper.  Repeated offenses will result in total loss of the account.

3) Do tracking apps interfere with how I log my loads?

Absolutely not – tracking apps do not interfere with how you log your loads. A DOT officer is going to review your ELD (logs) and will not ask for information from any of the tracking apps.

4) Why do the rates fluctuate so much with broker loads?

Brokers sell loads at current market value.  Sometimes, that even means the broker is taking a loss to cover the freight.  When there are numerous trucks in the same area needing loads, loads can be sold to a carrier at a lower rate to help cover for previous losses.

5) What is the advantage of building a relationship with a broker?

Brokers highly value carriers that are loyal to them. 

A broker will reach out to his or her top carriers to offer the best loads before posting them to the load boards.  To be considered a top carrier, it doesn’t take a lot of trucks – it takes offering your available equipment to that broker before shopping for posted loads.


We hope this helps you get answers to some of your FAQs! If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Thanks for reading!

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About FX Logistics

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