Our technology is the core of our business and we provide our customers and clients with a state of the art experience. We collaborate with the highest technology customization in the industry. The FX Logistics transportation management system provides real-time visibility to our entire staff. Our system is completely customized to the needs of each and every client which enable us to provide the best and most efficient transportation services.

FX Logistics utilizes additional security and performance measures to know the status of our trucks around the clock. The latest GPS tracking technology is utilized on our fleets so that we can track and trace our drivers at every turn. We are notified of traffic patterns or delays before they happen and provide driver assist to navigate our drivers safely and efficiently to their delivery location.

Our state of the art facility is equipped with secured access and multi-functional generators to assure the FX Logistics’ team is always available to provide unparalleled customer service. We believe that information is key, and getting the information to our clients with speed and ease is our goal every time. Every portion of our password protected database can be accessed by our operations staff 24/7.


customer satisfaction

FX Logistics operates in a 24 x 7 environment to support the custom, critical nature of our customers’ business. State of the art technology, including GPS tracking, enables us to manage our fleet of trucks with pin point accuracy at any given time.


FX Logistics' partner network contains multiple tiers of the pre-screened, vetted contracted carriers and warehouse networks. If your company can help us with providing dependable service to our customers, we are always looking for quality partners to work with our team.


FX Logistics offers an exciting, fast paced environment that is ideal for someone looking to make a living while creating job satisfaction. We are seeking qualified individuals that complement our organization.