FX Logistics has architected a solid technology and back end platform for its agent network. From order management, to GPS tracking to accounts payable and receivables, all IT infrastructure is available via a partitioned password protected Web portal. No software to download, no IT issues at the local level, if you can access the internet, you will have access to 100% of your information for managing your customers and carriers. John Huggins has worked in a consulting role with Landstar, Exel, and Mode transportation and he worked closely with a number of agents at each company. “there is a recurring theme with all successful agents ‘help me remove the burden of the back office, provide the tools I need to manage and expand my business and then get out of my way in the pursuit of new business so we can make more money!’” We strive to do just that. We have the back end systems, we have GPS, we have the funds for quick-pay, we have the flexibility to offer customized compensation structures plus our agents are not going to bumping into one another in their pursuit of new business. We are TIA members in good standing, we are TSA certified for the cartage of airfreight, we have 22 LTL contracts, we have 15,725 truckload carriers of which we routinely use over 3,200. We can support a sales agent or an operational office. We have the legal expertise to advise you on your current situation with agent contracts that you might currently be under and we have the sales expertise to help you expand your participation with your prospects and customer. Even if you are just curious, give us a call and in a short conversation we can jointly decide if there is a good fit.


customer satisfaction

FX Logistics operates in a 24 x 7 environment to support the custom, critical nature of our customers’ business. State of the art technology, including GPS tracking, enables us to manage our fleet of trucks with pin point accuracy at any given time.


FX Logistics' partner network contains multiple tiers of the pre-screened, vetted contracted carriers and warehouse networks. If your company can help us with providing dependable service to our customers, we are always looking for quality partners to work with our team.


FX Logistics offers an exciting, fast paced environment that is ideal for someone looking to make a living while creating job satisfaction. We are seeking qualified individuals that complement our organization.